24K Gold Hammam

TYouth and nourishment in one shot! Antioxidant, deeply moisturizing, toning effect and emollient action, enlightens the skin making it look replumed and toned, the synergy of hyaluronic acid and centella asiatica contributes to give a firmer look, even in specific areas as buttocks and décolleté.

Hawaii Hammam

With soothing, softening and aromatherapy action but also ideal for a firming effect

Honey Hay Hammam

Choose the high purifying power of lavender to achieve the maximum of well being and relish the draining and relieving results to all your body giving immediate benefit.

Champagne & Rose Petals Hammam

The grapes have a strong anti-aging and anti-free radical effect, helping to regenerate the skin, enlightening it and making it more compact. The rose purifies, notifying the skin for a firmer and younger look.

Thermal Hammam

Provide an important draining and anti-water retention action, helps to find the natural firmness of the skin with a fresh perfume of sea breeze.

Swedish Hammam

A strong impact draining.